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October 31, 2013
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Armonia App - Randy Derose by fluwe Armonia App - Randy Derose by fluwe

Wooooooo, just look who got herself a second character? Haha, I really love this guy, he is so different than Linus :la:

And also all the fluff he has x3

HAHAHAHAHA, GUESS WHO GOT ACCEPTED? Beware all thos boys and those who cannot take tha truth!

Edit 11/3 - Haha, just making my furfrou a bit taller and heavier :'D

:bulletred:Name: Randall ''Randy'' Derosé

:bulletorange:Age: 17

:bulletyellow:Gender: male

:bulletgreen:Pokémon: Furfrou :iconfurfrouplz:

:bulletblue:Birthday: 24.September

:bulletpurple:Height: 6'4'' or 1,95m

:bulletred:Weight: 147lbs or 67kg

:bulletorange:Nature: Quirky

:bulletyellow:Ability: Fur Coat - halves damage from physical moves.

:bulletgreen:Hometown: Virbank City /Pokéstar Studios

Overall, Randy is a very relaxed and easy-going person who can be a bit selfish. Also he does not know the meaning of 'personal space' - he always tends to touch your hair/fur/scales/skin or sniff at you, even clinging or hugging you suddenly. But his most standout characteristic would be that this furfour never lies. He always says what he is thinking and he does not even care if he could hurt anyone with it. You're fat? You have wonderfull hair? You have a cute nose? The way you eat is nasty? - no matter what, he makes sure that you know that he knows.
If you can speak up to him, taking his statements with humor, Randy wouldn't mind to call even the strangest guy his friend. He will be then very loyal to you and likes to make sure you're healthy and happy.

In the Pokéstar Studios near Virbank City everything can happen. Even that an Actress will fall in love with a stunt-double. This happened to the parents of Randy and soon they founded a family.
Randy is the youngest of four children and the only boy. Since his mother was always busy with the girls or giving dance-lessons (since she quitted to be an actress) and his father at work, he never got too many attention from them. But he was gracefull for this. Then this meant he could do whatever he wanted to do. Sure, he had a nani and such, but he was never chained down to the anticipation of his parents.
Other kids in school had a hard time dealing with his pure honesty and loud mouth which ended that he had barly to no friends at all. Still he just refused to tell lies since he was taught that people who couldn't take the truth shouldn't be trusted. To keep himself busy and away from boredom Randy tried out a lots of activities, among others cooking, gardening, some sports, drawing – it was all possible due to the earnings of his parents and the prize-money his sisters won in contests. But this all never really satisfied him.

Till one day he created a real nice piece of art in school. The other kids were impressed and praised his good work. Randy began to like this kind of attention and found out that the more outstanding the activies were, the more people would look up and gave their credits. Soon the furfrou didn't do anything but taking lessons in playing instruments, dancing, singing, he even did some drama. Doing rare sports like archening and riding, only wearing fashionable clothes, flirting with the most beautiful girls, playing the newest games. But with the time, less and less people got impressed by him and Randy was nearly desperate.
He searched for new ways, till oneday... he met an hipster. He couldn't remember his name or what that guy did, but one thing was sure: Being a hipster, going against the mainstream... gives you a lot more attention then being like everyone else. Soon the furfrou didn't shove his fur anymore and putting clothes on randomly. Randy even began to flirt with boys (girls were sooo mainstream) and he actually found a liking to dress up and style others. Not to be a total odd guy he fastly declaired himself gay. Nontheless still no one really would like to be his friends. But the furfrou sweared to himself that the thing he would never change about him will be his pure honesty.

Just one day, when his family made vacations in the Resort Area in Sinnoh, he met a very outstanding girl. She tried to flirt with him but since he wanted to keep his gay-image, he refused. Still she sticked with him and even his rather mean comments she'd just anwsers back bold. Randy took a liking to this girl and they stayed in contact due the internet. Every year he beset his parents to make vacation in the same Resort Area.
But then he heard that she moved to a privat school on Far Away Island. Randy felt very lonly and bitter for losing his best friend, lost interest in anything. Just some time later he got a letter. In it some brochures about that certain school. With growing curiositiy he read them all and decided to go to this place as well! Maybe there were more people who would accept his way to share his mind... Quickly he asked his parents and they were quite pleased that their son seemed to take more interest in his education. The application was send and the furfrou could only wish to be accepted.

:bulletred:Summary characteristic: Likes to relax

:bulletorange:Hobbies: he really enjoys to dress up others or giving them different hairstyles, flirting with some boys, drawing girls and just hang around with friends

:iconnormaltypeplz: Headbutt :iconfairytypeplz: Charm :iconnormaltypeplz: Take Down :iconnormaltypeplz: Swagger (TM)

Additional Moveset: Tackle, Growl, Sand Attack, Baby-Doll Eyes, tail Whip, Bite, Odor Sleuth, Retaliate

:bulletgreen:Favorite berry flavor: sour

:bulletblue:House: Rosalind

:bulletpurple:School Schedule:
  • History
  • Battle
  • Math (II)
  • Writing
  • Science
  • Health & Sex ed

  • Home Economics
  • Horticulture
  • Tech Ed.

  • Fashion-Club

:bulletblack:Extras/Fun Facts:
  • he normally prefers guys but flirting with girls can be fun as well (he likes a challenge)
  • tends to speak a little odd
  • binds his ears together behind the head
  • probably has more clothes (and changes them faster) then some girls
  • actually he can see pretty good even with the fur in his face, but sometimes he would just pretend to can't see anything or really bad
  • his fur is longer and less soft and he also does take cold weather easier due the fact that is father is a piloswine
  • he is taller than other furfrou because his grandfather was an arcanin
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Oh my gosh what a wonderful character :D AGHHH <3 I love him <3 He's so adorable
fluwe Nov 3, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
hahaha, I'm glad you like him :dummy:
pfff, and I wonder what makes him so adorable and cute? xD
I do indeed!!
Well, he's just so fluffy and cute and seems like he'd be really fun and what not >w<
*stares at the beautiful creature. Makes Danny appear. Danny and me steal him away*

Fluwe he is sooooo beautiful XD I love how cute he it X3
fluwe Nov 3, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist

Randy: "Oh, hi there little Miss and cute ghost. How ar-Hey! Wh-what are you doing? Let go of me! Heeeey!" *was stolen away* :stare:


haha, thank you :'D And he is cute? Didn't know that x3

XD lol poor guy

you didn't?! well now you know he is a cutie pie :3
Coiffwaff scheinen wirklich beliebte Pokemon zu sein. Aber ich habe keine Ahnung, warum. Mich spricht es nicht sonderlich an o.O Bin ja mal gespannt, wie er so sein wird in zukünftigen events ^^
fluwe Nov 2, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Ich finds schade, dass es In-game mir bisher nicht wirklich nützlich erschien...

Aber OH MEIN GOTT, liebe ich das Design |D All das Fell (~o3o)~
Und ja, darauf bin ich auch sehr gespannt xD
Ich hab mir nicht mal die mühe gemacht, eines selbst zu fangen. Hab irgendwann eines aus nem Wundertausch bekommen. Und gleich wieder weg gegeben für was anderes ^^
Das Design, naja, es geht. Gibt schlimmeres. wie die idiotischen Schnitte beim Friseur für es. Dabei ist eigentlich gar keine schlechte Idee, auch das Pokemon Individualisieren zu können. Vielleicht für Gen. 7 oder 8 ^^
fluwe Nov 3, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist

Haha, für mich ist und bleibt es super :'D

Ich hab einfach eins weil ich es kann - und weil ich den Gedanken amüsant finde darauf herumzusurfen :iconcoolkidplz:


Aber ja, die Frisuren sind zum Teil etwas... hm, eigenartig, aber so sind Pudel nunmal xD

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